How to buy and sell products using the software?

Let's see how to buy and sell products quickly using the software. The correct order is:

  • Create the categories and subcategories you want for those products you are going to add

  • Import or add these products individually

  • If you want, you can register the orders and purchases of products

  • Sell products to customers


On the one hand, there is the price at which you buy the product and on the other the price at which you sell it. We are going to explain how to configure them correctly.

The purchase price, you write it when you register the new purchase. It's possible that you buy it at different prices throughout the months or years that you sell that product, so you will be able to see a history with all the purchases you have made of that product, a graph, the average purchase price, the supplier and at what price you bought it each time.

The sale priceis included in the product file. Also make offers on a product. If you sell it at different prices during the months/years, you will see a history with all the sale prices of that product, a graph and the average sale price, to see the evolution.

Also, as you know, products may include taxes. The base price is the price without taxes and the final price or sale price is the price with taxes already included). In the software, if you write one of the prices, the software will automatically calculate the other price.

The purchase price is not set here as it is a changing value. You will not always buy the product at the same price and you may not always buy it from the same supplier.
You will need to know from which suppliers and at what prices you have bought it, and have a record to be able to evaluate which supplier offers you the best prices. The purchase of products is noted in the option New > Purchase.

The tab will show the last price at which you bought it and therefore the profit (sale price - purchase price).

If you want to see in detail how to add purchases, products and make sales, keep reading:

If you want to see how to add purchases, products and make sales, keep reading:

The categories allow to organize the products. You can create as many categories and subcategories as you need. If you order the products well, it will be much easier to work with them.

software animals shop configure categories of products

Click on the option New > Category/Subcategory or View > Categories/Subcategories

pet software configure categories of products

Note: Before adding a new category, check if it is already added in your database.

You can use the search engine at the top and you can also sort alphabetically ascending or descending by clicking on the name or the description

You can create main categories or "Parent categories" and secondary or subcategories. Here's how to do it, it's very simple:

For example, to organize your products you want to do it in this way:

petshop software configure categories of products

1º We create the first category of our example: FOOD

pet shop software categories of products

  • In the Parent-category search engine, type "Food"

  • As there is no such category, click on -NONE-

pet store software categories of products

  • Now in the search engine it appears written Parent-Category: NONE

  • Write the name you want to give to that category, in our example: FOOD

  • If you want, add a description and a photo for that category. 

  • Click on Save 

NOTE: It is recommended that you add a photo, because it will help you later to visualize in a faster way the categories in the screen of sales ( New > Sale )

2º We create the second category of our example: DOGS

  • Search the parent-category FOOD, appears (highlighted in green), select it by clicking on it

  • animal products principal categories

  • Write the name of the second category, in our example is DOGSS

  • Add the description and the photo and click on Save

3º We repeat the same process for the third category: DRY FOOD

  • Look for the parent-category, in this case " Food> Dogs ", appears (highlighted in green), select by clicking on it.

  • categories of products for animals

    Note: As you can see, it is very easy, just by writing the first letters, the different results appear

    configure pet products categories

  • Write the name of the new category "Dry Food", if you want a description and a photo and click on Save

4º We repeat the same process to add the fourth category: Wet food

  • Search the parenet-category, in this case the same as in the previous case "Food > Dogs", appears (highlighted in green), select by clicking on it.

  • the best pet products configurator categories

  • Write the name of the new category "Wet Food", if you want a description and a photo and click on Save

You have created the categories:

how to order categories of animal products

NOTE: As we have commented previously, it is recommended that you add a photo, because it will help you later to visualize in a faster way the categories in the screen of sales ( New > Sale )

View of the categories that we just added


software pet shop free

pet store software android

You can import all your products or add them individually from the New > Product option. Import or insert the data and press Save.

To make the addition faster, the product is noted and the form remains empty so you can add a new product.

Here add the basic options and then from the option View> Products> select the product> you can add much more information: photo, stock, important information, notes, .....

Important: Before adding a new product, perform a search to see if it is already entered in your database

Check the use of search engines and how to do advanced searches by clicking here

pet shop app configure products for animals

Code: Write here the code that you want to assign to that product. You can simply put a number or use different types of codes, is easiest for you to identify your products (bathroom01, CM0002, ...)

Name:Write here the name of the product. Then you can add a description, in case you want to add additional information.

Barcode: you can manually write the code or use a scanner or barcode reader.

It is very easy to use the scanner. It is not necessary to make any additional configuration.

  • Put the mouse cursor or click on the field where you want to insert the code (the search engine, or the barcode field when adding a new product)

  • The field is enabled

  • Write de number or scan the product barcode with the scanner (or barcode reader)

etshop software the best barcode scan

How to use the scanner or barcode reader?

Tax percentage: The % of the tax to be applied.

For example in Spain (Peninsula) the tax applicable is IVA and is different depending on the type of product.

For example for a bed, the tax is 21% IVA, so in that field, we would write: 21

Sale price: Base price, that is, without taxes. Later on the ticket the base price, the tax and the final or total price will be broken down.

You can enter a new purchase:

  • If you have previously placed an order

  • If you have not placed an order

When you make a new purchase from a supplier, you can add it to the system so that the Stock (available product units) is automatically adjusted. Also you can control the batches and expiration dates. Purchases are added in the New > Purchase option.


Find the provider or add it directly. You will see his information:

  • Contact information

  • If you have bills pending payment to that provider

  • If you have pending orders to receive from that provider

petstore orders to suppliers software for animals


  • Supplier information area: If you click on the name of the provider, you can directly access to the home page or magic desj of this supplier

  • Unpaid invoices area: if you click on the pending invoice, you will see it in detail

  • Pending orders area: if you click on the arrow icon, you will see the order in detail


POS software purchase products

  • The date and invoice number appears

  • If it include or not tax (the tax you have configured on your settings parameter)

  • Select the payment method and status (paid or pending)

  • If paid, you can include the payment date and if it is not yet, leave it empty *

  • You can include notes or comments for your information

* This you can change later. If the invoice is now pending payment, it will not have an invoice date. The day you pay the invoice, access the option View > Purchases > select that invoice and:

  • Change the status to "paid"

  • Indicate the date of payment

  • Automatically is added the purchase in the "Cash" and you will see that if today you have made the payment, today the money has been withdrawn from that purchase (even if the purchase was made 1 month ago for example)


Select the products and they are added to the purchase

software POS products expiration date auto reminder

Apperas the product's code or reference , the name and the last price at which you bought

note: By clicking on the name, is displayed the "product's magic desk" so you can see all the information about that product

Now it indicates:

  • The number of units of that product that you buy

  • The purchase price (for example $ 10 each)

  • If it is a perishable product, we recommend that you also include the batch information and expiration date, in this way, the software will automatically notify you when a batch of products is about to expire

To delete that product from the purchase, click on the button trash

Click on the Save button to write down the purchase and the software automatically:

  • You will add those products to your stock (for example +4 balls or +2 houses

  • It will change the "last purchase price" of that product, and now it will be the new one that you just entered
    note: in the magic desk or product card (See> products) you can see a history with all the prices you have bought that product and the detail, in this way, you can see the suppliers that offer you better prices or variations of prices that a product has suffered.

  • It will show on the home page, a warning when that lot is about to expire

  • If the invoice is paid, you will enter the cost in the Cash on the date you have selected as payment date (for example, today - 30$ for the purchase of these products.

In the option View > purchases, you can see all the purchases that you have added and change the status when the payment of the purchases that you have "pending payment" is made.

You can add orders for the products you need and send this order form to your suppliers by email.

So you can see that the "product x" you do not have units in stock but you have already made an order to the supplier and what day is expected to receive it.


Find the provider or add it directly. You will see his information:

  • Contact information

  • If you have bills pending payment to that provider

  • If you have pending orders to receive from that provider

petstore orders to suppliers software for animals


  • Supplier information area: If you click on the name of the provider, you can directly access to the home page or magic desj of this supplier

  • Unpaid invoices area: if you click on the pending invoice, you will see it in detail

  • Pending orders area: if you click on the arrow icon, you will see the order in detail


pet shop software order to supplier

  • You can write a code or reference for yourself, that is, so that you can identify the order

  • The payment method

  • The expected date for delivery. On the home page of the software, will warn you that day

  • Notes or comments for you

On the home page you will see the notice that today you are expected to receive these orders and you can write them directly as soon as you receive them to include the products in your inventory or stock:

software animales send orders to supplier by email


pet shop software configure products

  • Search in the product search and all matches will appear

  • Press to add it

  • You can change the number of units

  • You can delete it by clicking on the trash can or trash can icon

  • The last price at which you bought that product appears

  • When you have finished adding all the products, click on the save button to write down the order

pet shop software send orders by email

You will see the orders you have made, the expected delivery date and your status.
Then, when you receive the order, from the home page or from the option View > Orders, you can convert that order into a purchase and the products will be included in your stock.

software animal store purchase auto reminder

In the New > Sale option, you will find the POS or sales screen, where you can make sales very quickly.

If the Cash is open, you can make a new sale

The screen is divided into two areas:

  • Right: Ticket area and sales options

  • Left: Products area

the best pet shop app

  1. Listing with all categories / subcategories of products. Clicking on a category, its subcategories appear if you have them and the products included in that category / subcategory

    PRODUCTS WITH SPECIAL PRICE: Ee have included a direct link to all the products with discount or special price.

    So you will be able to see all the products with a special price, and you dont need to navigate between the different categories to search for them.


    If you click on a product, a unit of that product is added to the ticket. If you press again, another unit is added and so on (5 times = 5 units added to the ticket)

    animal shop app add products to ticket

    The products have a button with an "i" icon to see more information. If you click on it, you can see all the information of that product:

    1. The name: By clicking, open the product file in a new tab

    2. The photo

    3. The barcode

    4. The current price and if it is a product on offer also appears the regular price strikethrough

    5. The code / reference and the brand

    6. A quick access button to the product file

    7. The description

    8. The number of units availables or units "in stock": For example we have 19 units of this product

    9. Important information and notes: When clicking on them, this information appears

    POS sotware product information

  2. Navbar. Show the different categories / subcategories, so you know exactly where you are, for example: in the category Food > subcategory Dog > subcategory Wet food:

    petshop software navbar menu

    Clicking on the name of the category, you return to that category

  3. Search engine.If you do not want to navigate between categories, you can search for the product using the search engine

    You can scan the code of that product using your barcode reader

    Or you can write the name of the product, the brand, etc .:

    As you already know, search engines autocomplete automatically, so just by typing "fee" .. you'll see that it shows all the results that include those letters, like for example "feeder".

    The best pov app

    Also you can do combined searches, for example: food + chicken

    pet store software products combined search

  4. Ticket number and more actions : The ticket number automatically auto-increments.

    animal store app send ticket by email

    The available actions are:

    • New ticket: Delete the current ticket and create a new vticket acio.

    • Pause the ticket: Save the ticket to retrieve it and then

    • Add a note to the ticket: Allows you to add a note or comment to the ticket.

    • Delete the ticket: Delete the ticket, it can not be recovered after

    • View the paused tickets: Allow to see the tickets that you have saved to recover them after

      For example, we include a note that the customer will come later to continue buying and pause the ticket. While we make new tickets for other clients and when the client returns, we retrieve this ticket.

      petshop app tickets POS terminal

    • See returns / make a new return: Access to the option to return products

      ¿How to make a refund?

  5. Products / services added to the ticket . [AREA 1] When clicking on a product, a unit of that product is added to the ticket. If you press more times, more units of the same product are added.

    To change the number of units or eliminate it, click on the product of the ticket and more information appears below:

    animal shop software ticket products

    By clicking on Units you can change and put for example 3. And when you click on the trash can icon, they are removed from the ticket.

  6. Add concepts . You can add concepts or products "manually" because for example they are not included in your database.

    app dog shop iphone discount

  7. Add services to the ticket from other areas of your business . If you have other apps, you can charge products and services on the same ticket:

    • Hotel services

    • Grooming services

    • Nursery or day-care services

    • Education services / training sessions

    • Sale of animals from your kennel: Puppies or Breeders

    software dog hotel stays and products at the same ticket

    If you have pending payment servicesin your other business areas, simply select the grooming / hotel / training / nursery service or the animal you wish to add to the ticket to collect together the products and services/animals selected.

    note: remember, only the services pending to be collected appear, if it is already charged, you can not charge it again, therefore you can not add it to the ticket.

    For example, if in the ticket we have added the following concepts:

    • PET SHOP

      • Fresh food for dogs - $2

      • Toothbrush for dogs - $3

      • Extendable strap for dogs - $20


      • Bath & haircut - $30


      • Conduct correction session - $18

  8. The total ticket is $ 73, but the products/services are "account" in their corresponding area:

    • $25 in PetShop products

    • $30 in Pet grooming services

    • $18 in Training Services

    • software petshop services and products at the same ticket

      The total appears on the ticket, but on the bill appears separately. You will have an invoice with the sales of petshop (25$), another with the grooming services (30$) and another with the training services (18$).

      (The pop-up that opens to view/print the invoice will have 3 pages and in each of them, there is the corresponding invoice: pet grooming, petshop & training.)

      We know that the detailed management of income and expenses is a fundamental part of your business, and therefore, with this system, you can check the money you have earned with each of your business areas.

      If you want to know what the total billing has been, for example in the last month, you will be able to see how much you have earned with all your business areas; But if you prefer, you can also check how much you have won exclusively with your grooming services.

      Note: Remember, that the Cash option is an option available exclusively for the PetShop, therefore, only petshop sales will logically appear in cash.

      But if you want to see the sales of all the business areas for today, you have the option Reports > Billing > Where you can see ALL the sales selecting all the Apps and the date you want to consult (for example sales) today, or the last 7 days, ....)

      Note: when you add a service (for example Grooming) to the PetShop ticket and you charge it, in its corresponding app, the service "closes", that is, it is already recorded as charged or billed.


      As we have seen before, you can manually save or pause tickets whenever you want. But in addition, the software includes an automatic auto-save system. you are doing a sale, but you leave that screen or even you accidentally close the software without saving or pausing the ticket. Thank to auto-saving, that ticket is never lost; it has been automatically saved or paused so you can retrieve it to continue working on it later.

      When you access to the menu option New > Sale again, a warn message will appear to remind you that you have paused tickets, in case you want to recover them. If you want, just select the corresponding ticket and you will recover the ticket to continue doing the sale.

      programa tienda animales ticket

      programa tienda mascotas ticket

    • Finish and Pay

      When clicking on the "Pay" button, the screen to complete the payment appears.

      petshop app for ios and android

      1. Summary of the ticket: All the products and services of the ticket appear and the details of discounts, taxes, etc.

      If you click on the name of the tax, you can select if you want the ticket to include taxes or not.


      2. Customer: By default ,the generic customer or "POS terminal" is selected.

      If you want to select a customer from your database or add it, you can do it just by looking for its name or clicking on the "New customer" button.

      If the customer already exists , when you start typing your name, all the customers with that name and its details appear:

      • The contact information

      • The important information

      • The pickup/delivery information

      • The number of sales

      • The money "spent" in the business

      • If he have unpaid bills

      petshop software customer loyalty

      If that is the customer you want to select, click on "select customer". It will appear as a customer of that ticket and if he wants an invoice, his data will already appear automatically filled.

      If that is not the customer you are looking for, type the name again in the search engine so that other results appear and choose the correct one.

      If the customer is new (it does not exist in your database), click on the "new customer" button to add it

      petshop app new customer

      3. Amount to pay

      4. Payment method and amount paid . Select Cash, card or "Other" to show the rest of the payment methods that you have configured in your system (in the option Settings > payment methods)


      When writing the amount that the customer gives you, the amount pending payment or the amount left over (money to be returned) is automatically calculated.

      It is possible to sell "on credit", ie collect only a part of the money and leave part of the money "pending payment" . For example, for a € 150 sale, we only charge 30 and leave the remaining € 120 pending collection.

      The sale will have a "Pending" status (for payment), only the money that we have actually collected will be recorded in the Cash option (in the example of € 30). In the option View > sales, you will see that sale with the money that has already been paid and the one that is pending.

      When the client pays the rest, it is only necessary to access the option View > sales > select that sale and change the status to "paid" and indicate the date of payment.

      You have a specific report to quickly see the invoices or sales that are pending payment. It is the report of "unpaid bills" where the total money appears, the one that you have already been paid and the pending amount

      5. Print ticket, print gift-ticket (price not visible) , print invoice or send by email to the customer

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