For your customers to not forget their appointment in your business, you can send them some reminders. For example, you can notify them 7 days before, 2 days before, 1 day before, ... as many as you want.

It helps you with:

reservas hotel animales

Reduce failed appointments at your business

reservas hotel canino

Avoid periods of inactivity of your employees

reservar hotel canino

Build loyalty to your customers and improve their experience

Enhancing the image of your business

Manually sending reminders is a very complex task, especially if you have a large volume of appointments. That is why our software, makes the send them automatically, so that you do not have to do it.

It's so simple:

  1. When you add a new appointment, you can select if you want the software to send reminders of that customer for this appointmet.

  2. You can add as many as you want (7 days before, 2 days before, ... on the date you want)

    reminder of grooming appointment message

  3. When that date/time arrives, the software will automatically send the reminder to the customer

  4. You can see all the reminders scheduled, sent, ...


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