How to delete services and refund invoices

If you have already created grooming/training services or nursery/hotel stays that they are not already invoiced, you could delete these services directly. Select & click the service to view all the information and in the bottom of the page you could see a red color button Delete to delete that service.

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If the service/stay has already been invoiced, it is not possible to delete the invoice, because the legislation does not allow to modify/eliminate invoices and in compliance with the legislation, we must guarantee the integrity, conservation, accessibility, legibility, traceability and inalterability of records.

The invoices cannot be deleted or modified, because the legislation does not allow this procedure.

If you have made a mistake when making an invoice (for example the customer you have selected is not the correct one, it's not possible to simply delete that invoice and create a new one or modify it to change the customer. It's necessary to make an Invoce refund. This is a type of invoice that we will use to rectify an ordinary invoice in which we have made a mistake.

When making an Invoce refund, the previous invoice, the payment and the stay/service/sale are cancelled.

Invoce refund and Invoices cannot be deleted. When the invoice is canceled by generating a Invoce refund, it's not possible to delete or "undo" that Invoce refund.

This process is irreversible, for this reason, when you click on the Refund button, the cancellation is not done directly, A pop-up appears for you to confirm that you want to make the Invoce refund. In other words, we have included a double confirmation, so that the Invoce refund is not made by mistake.

As we said before, making an Invoce refund cancels the previous invoice, the payment and the stay/service/sale. To register that stay/service/sale again, it's necessary to enter the stay/service/sale data again and finish it. Once it's finished, you can make the payment/invoice.

When you re-enter the stay/service/sale, it will not be duplicated, because the previous one has been canceled when making the Invoce refund.

Let's see it in an example:

You have selected John Smith, but it is an error, because the correct client is John Parker and you have already make the invoice. How can you solve it?

  • When making the invoice if you see that you have made a mistake, or in the View > Sales option > select the invoice you want and click on it.

  • Click on the Refund button to making a Invoce refund.

  • You can write the reason why you make the Invoce refund, for example an error in the customer's data.

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  • This Invoice refund includes reference to the invoice that is being "corrected" (the number and date of the invoice)

  • You can configure the invoice numbering and the numbering of the refund invoice in the Configuration option.

  • You can print it or send it by email if you want

Now you can do again de check-in, services or sale selecting the correct data and at the end of the check-out, service or sale, you can make the payment/invoice with the correct data.

In some cases you can make invoices without taxes:

  1. If no tax is applied in your country or activity.

  2. If legally the invoice is tax exempt

We recommend that you check what the exceptions are in your country/activity to avoid errors or problems with billing.

In the tax-exempt invoices, it is convenient to indicate the reason why it is exempt from taxes. You can do this by including a note on the invoice. For example, in Europe, if it is an intracommunity transaction that meets the requirements to be exempt from VAT, it is best to indicate this on the invoice.

In the software, you can configure this information in the Option: Settings > Company data > Invoice text without taxes and it will appear on all the invoices you issue tax-exempt.

The tax-exempt invoice does not legally require a different numbering than the ordinary invoices, so when you issue a tax-exempt invoice, it will have the same numbering as the ordinary ones.

Recommendation: This is general advice, but the legislation varies from country to country. If you have questions about billing, applicable taxes, exceptions, etc. We recommend that you always consult a professional or the corresponding administration so that they can help you resolve all these doubts and you can make your billing correctly.

The invoice includes ALL the mandatory data: numeration, date, Tax data of the issuer and tax data of the customer, concepts, tax rate and the option to include additional information if you need it (eg. information from the Merchant registry in the case of companies). Other requirements may be necessary in your country. If someone is not included in the software, contact us and we will include it.

Additionally, if it is a tax-exempt invoice, the explanatory text that you have configured for these cases will also appear and you also have a free text area at the bottom of the document, in case you need to add additional information. You can configure this in the Settings > Company data option.

More information about invoices

As invoices, once issued, cannot legally be modified, the Pending Payment or Paid info and the payment date will no longer appear in the printed invoice documents.

Because if today we issue an invoice that is pending payment and in the document we indicate the status "pending payment", but within 3 days the customer makes the payment, legally we can no longer modify that invoice for change the status and put "paid" and the payment date.

In software, it hasn't changed. You can continue indicating if the invoice is paid or pending and in this way, you will know if that amount of money is pending or paid and it will be reflected in your reports and statistics

In compliance with current legislation, the software guarantees the integrity, conservation, accessibility, legibility, traceability and inalterability of the records.

And the software does NOT allow:

  • Make double accounting to invoice without declaring it

  • Do not reflect, totally or partially, the recording of transactions carried out

  • Record transactions other than the entries made

  • Alter transactions already registered in breach of applicable regulations

Additionally, we offer the user recommendations and "good practices" for managing their business.

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