How to edit and delete invoices and services

If you have already created grooming services, training services or hotel stays that they are not already invoiced, you could delete these services directly. Select & click the service to view all the information and in the bottom of the page you could see a red color button Delete to delete that service.

If the selected service is already invoiced, it's not possible to delete it directly. You must first delete the associated invoice (for this process, please read the next paragraph)

If you have a service, paid and invoiced, and for any reason you need to delete it, you'll have two different options:

  • You can delete only the invoice. This process deletes only the invoice and leave the associated service pending to be invoiced again.

  • Or Delete invoice and their associated services. This option will delete the invoice and all the associated service, grooming service, training service or hotel stay associated with that invoice.

Go to View > Sales, select and click in the desired invoice to see all invoice details and in the bottom of the page you could see the Delete red button. If you click over this button, these two new options will appear. Select the option you need.

Important Note:: All the information you delete from the software, will be deleted permanently. It couldn't be restored.

If you edit an invoice (for example to modify an amount, a percentage of taxes, etc.) this change is not updated in the check-out document, because the check-out has already been generated (it is "already closed" and you can not change it).

If you want the change to be updated also in the check-out, the solution is very simple:

  1. Click on the Delete button

  2. A drop-down will appear where you can select the option Delete only invoice

  3. The check-out is now "pending invoicing"

  4. In the option View > Check-in you can edit or change what you need, make the exit and invoice again, already with the correct data that you had corrected.


As you know, in the option View > Sales all invoices appear. If you want to eliminate all invoices:

  1. Option Settings > Data management

  2. Click on the red button "Delete all invoices"

  3. Confirm that you are sure to delete all invoices

If several users work in your business, we recommend you to block access to this option to the unauthorized person, since otherwise, they could eliminate all invoices from the system.

You can do this using the Security and and access control app. In addition, with this app, you can add users so that each one can access with some independent data and in this way, you can control: 

  • The days / hours in which users can access to the software

  • The options they can use / view

  • A record with all the accesses they have made (time, IP address, operating system used)

You will control the access of your employees for greater security of your business. Read more info.

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