Automatic reminders

If you want, the software will send reminders to your customers to remind them their upcoming appointments at your pet business.

auto reminder upcoming appointments for pets

You decide when you want them to be sent

You can customize them

With your logo and your business contact information

For bookings or appointments for:

Sending these reminders is extremely beneficial, because it helps you with

reminders for hotel customers

Reduce failed appointments at your business

booking reminders for hotel customers

Avoid periods of inactivity of your employees

appointment reminders for pet grooming

Build loyalty to your customers and improve their experience

appointment reminders for pet training

Enhancing the image of your business



At Gespet we know that manually sending so many reminders is an overwhelming task.
That is why Gespet software is in charge of making the sending automatically for you.

How does it work?


1. When you add a new booking for Pet Hotel or Pet Daycare apps or when you add a new appointment for Pet Grooming or Pet Training apps, you can choose if you want the software to send a reminder to the customer for that booking or appointment.

2. You can configure as many reminders as you need, for instance, 7 days in advance, 2 days in advance, ... or in the exact date you want.

sending automatic reminders to your customers

3. When that date/time arrives, the software will automatically send the reminder to the customer

4. Inside Gespet Software you can see and monitor all the reminders, the scheduled reminders, the already sent reminders and so on.

Learn more about Automatic Reminders

configure sending reminders pet hotel pet grooming pet daycare pet training

Configure the appearance

  • Using your own logo

  • Including your business contact information

  • Furthermore, you can configure to include information that you want to be sent in the reminders, for example, a text about your cancellation policy, business opening hours, etc.

Your business is complicated, don't wait any longer and let Gespet Software take care of all these tasks for you.


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