Send by email very easily

Invoices, information, booking confirmations, documents and contracts and much more.

recordatorio cita perro

- Save time

- Optimize resources and

- Improve your company brand and your team efficiency

For appointments and bookings

In your Hotel, Nursery, Veterinary Training or Grooming you can send to your customers:

recordatorio cita residencia canina

Online booking confirmation

recodatorio cita adiestramiento

Online booking cancellation

recordatorio cita peluqueria canina

Details of the next appointment

recordatorio cita peluqueria canina

Automatic reminders of upcoming appointments

Read more information

You can also send by email:

pet grooming manager

Tickets and invoices

veterinary prescription manager

La consulta veterinaria

pet training online appointment

Transport planning
(deliveries and collections of the day)

recordatorio cita peluqueria canina

The pedigree of an animal

veterinary consultant manager

La consulta veterinaria



The summary sheet documents with all the information about Customers, Pets, Suppliers, Breeders, Veterinarians and Products.

reservas hotel animales

Configure the look & feel

  • Customize the information you want to appear in the footer of the emails you send, appointment confirmations/cancellations, etc.


  • Before sending an email from the software, it checks if the customer has agreed to receive communications and if not, it shows you a warning notice on the screen.

Documents and contracts with auto-filling of information.

Surely you have documents with conditions of stay and provision of service, legal conditions, recommendations and advice on care, warranty / post-sale conditions, privacy agreements, .. We want to help you!.

  • Configure documents and contracts for your business

  • Configure when do you want them to be shown: when making a sale, an appointment, booking, grooming service,...

  • The software will show them at that moment (sale, appointment, booking, ...)

  • If you want, the software will automatically fill in the details of the customer, animals, supplier, date, time, etc.

  • You can print the documents and contracts or send them by email to be signed.

planning hotel canino


Together for a better world


We want to help you to be a Paperless company. Replacing paper with digital processes has great environmental benefits for the planet and for people. You contribute to reducing deforestation, water use and CO₂ emissions.

reservas hotel animales

With all the communication options you need

To confirm an appointment, when picking up an animal, during a service... do you need to talk to a customer?

Call him on the phone, talk to him on WhatsApp, ... directly from the software!

The quick and effective communication you need with your customers.

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