From the software, you can open the WhatsApp software to contact your customers By clicking on the customer's WhatsApp number.

how to send whatsapp to my customers

If you have the app installed on that device, the app will open; Otherwise, it will redirect you to WhatsApp Web.

The software is not integrated with WhatsApp, so the configuration of your WhatsApp account, your contacts, and everything related to your WhatsApp account must be configured in WhatsApp.

We cannot provide you with any type of information about your account, your contacts, specific functionalities or WhatsApp errors. We recommend that you contact them so that they can provide you with more information or help you solve the problem.


In order to open WhatsApp from the software, the phone of that contact must have the format required by WhatsApp. The correct format is: COUNTRY CODE followed by the TELEPHONE NUMBER. (all together, no spaces). You will see that a question mark symbol appears next to the word WhatsApp, notifying you of this requirement. 

View the complete list of country calling codes

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