The system is free and available for pet hotel, pet daycare, pet training, veterinary, and pet grooming.

Right from the start of working with Gespet, you have access to your online booking page to start using whenever you want.

Use it as you prefer

Right from the beginning of working with Gespet, you have your online booking page available to start using whenever you want.
You can use it in different ways:

online booking for groomers

Share the link

online booking for pet hotel

Share the QR code

online booking for kennel

On your social media

online booking for vets

On your website and blog

  • Share the link with your customers via Email, WhatsApp, SMS,...

  • Share the QR code with your customers through email, WhatsApp, SMS, print it, display it in your business, ... They will love it.

  • Use it on your social media, for example, in your Instagram, Twitter profile, ... wherever you'd like.

  • You can also integrate it into your website or blog.

How does it work?

1. Just copy the code you want and share it with your customers or include it on your website/blog/social media.

2. Your customers can request appointments, and you decide whether to accept or reject them.

3. You receive an email with all the information

4. The request is automatically recorded in the software

5. Easily, from that same screen, you can:

reservas hotel animales

Check the occupancy

reservas hotel canino

See if the customer has unpaid bills

reservar hotel canino

Call the customer by phone

reservar residencia canina

Contact the customer by WhatsApp

reserar pension canina

Send the confirmation email

reserva pensionado canino

Or send the rejection email

online booking for pet-business


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