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This software allows you to manage pets pickups and deliveries and easily plan the shipping route.

It's very interesting, because it connects with the rest of the applications, so that at the time of making a service, booking, PetShop sale, puppy sale, etc. you can also add the pick-up / delivery service quickly.

In any app that you are, for example in the Hotel app, in the View menu, the option View Shipping Planning will appear.

By selecting a day, you will see the pickups and deliveries planned for that day.

home page software pet transport

If you have multiple apps, you can see them all or filter by app. For example, if you only want to see Grooming pickups or only PetShop deliveries.

dog dellivery software

The information is organized in two independent tabs, to help you better visualize the pickups and deliveries.

Next to the name of each tab appears the number of pickups/deliveries.

 dog transport software

To rearrange the shippings, you just have to drag and drop in the position you want

programa transporte de animales gratis

If the customer has an address, the GoogleMaps map appears. By clicking on the Enlarge map option, a new browser tab opens with the map in larger size. In this way, you can see the address and order the shipping according to proximity or as you prefer.

pet transport software

By clicking on the DETAILS button, a Pop-up with more information opens:

pet transport free app

Includes Quick access links , if you click on them, the information opens in a new browser tab:

  • Customer's name: open its file

  • Map: open GoogleMaps with the map in large size

  • Name of the animals: open their tabs

  • Detail of the appointment, reservation, service, stay, puppy or ticket: open the corresponding section.

It also includes buttons for direct contact with the customer , if you click you can:

  • Call you by phone

  • Send you an email

  • Open WhatsApp to talk to the customer

At the bottom, you can Print the planning with the complet list of transport ordered and send it by email , for example to the driver.

If you check the option "Send me a copy", you will also receive the shipping planning in your email.

Modify a shipping

To order the shippings of a day, it is only necessary to drag and drop in the position you want.

If you want to modify the pick-up or delivery day , you must do so in the corresponding appointment / reservation / stay / service.

For example Roko will not leave the Hotel on the 7th, he will stay 2 more days and will leave on the 9th.
In this case, you just have to click on the detail, where it says Hotel Stay to open that hotel check-in in a new tab and there you can modify it (or you can access the option View > Check-In and modify it).

Automatically, when changing the dates in an check-in, appointment, booking, etc. It will be modified in the Shipping Planning.

There are a few exceptions: deliveries of puppies from your kennel (breeders) and deliveries of Products from your PetShop.

In this case, when you click to see the detail, the option to select the new delivery date will also appear. If you change the day, the delivery will move to that day.

pet delivery software

You can select from the date range and for which business area (hotel, grooming, petShop, ...) and all the pickups and deliveries between those dates will be listed.

pet transport report

By clicking on the table titles, you can sort the results to sort them by customer name, address, type, date, etc.

If you click on a customer's name, that customer's file will open in a new web browser tab.

At the top there are some graphs that show the total of shippings, how many correspond to pickups (for example 40%) and how many to deliveries (for example 60%) and the evolution of the number of pickups and deliveries by weeks or months depending on the date range selected..

Note: When selecting the dates, if the system displays an Error message, it is because the date range is not correct. The difference between the dates cannot be greater than one year, neither more than 1 year (365 days) difference between the dates nor 1 year (365 days) before today's date. If you select a correct range, you will be able to generate the report.

You can select if that service/sale has a home collection/delivery service and automatically, it will be noted in the transport planning, when you go to add:

  • A new grooming booking

  • A new grooming service

  • A new training booking

  • A new training service

  • A new nursery or hotel booking

  • A new nursery or hotel check-in

  • A PetShop sale

  • Booking or reservation for a puppy from your kennel

And you will be able to open the transportation schedule to view the occupancy for those days.

This way, it is integrated into all activity screens, and there is no need to manage, for example, the reservation on one side and the transportation on the other. You can do it together and save a lot of time.

In addition, shows notifications on the Home Page (or Magic Desk):

  • From the Hotel and Nursery area, if a stay that begins that day (Check-in) or a stay that ends that day (check-out) has a pick-up service

    home page software pet transport

  • From the Grooming and Training area, if a service/session for that day has a pick-up or delivery service

    home page software pet transport

  • From the Breeding area, if a puppy with delivery scheduled for that day, has a delivery service

    software pet transport dog delivery

  • From the PetShop area, if a sale with delivery scheduled for that day, has a delivery service

    home page software pet transport

  • From the Veterinary area, if a appointment with delivery scheduled for that day, has a delivery service


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