We can know the exact number of units (or stock) we have of a product.

For example, by checking the product list in the View > Products option, we can see the number of units available in stock. For example, there are 6 units of the Feeder:

We can also view and modify it on the product record.

By clicking on the Stock Adjustment option, you can set an automatic alert when the stock (or available units) are below a certain amount. For example, less than 10, less than 2, etc.

In the daily agenda or Magic Desk, you will see an alert for all products with a low stock warning:

animal store program low stock alert


In the New > Supplier option, we can add our suppliers to later record orders, purchases, or expenses.

We can view all our suppliers in the View > Suppliers option and by clicking on one of them, we will see their Magic Desk (profile) with all the contact details, payment information, purchases we have made from them, and much more.


Since we have several products with low stock, let's place an order with the supplier in the New > Order option.

By selecting the supplier, their details will appear, and we will see if we have any outstanding invoices or pending orders from that supplier.

We add the order information:

animal store software online orders

And we start selecting the products:

You can print the order summary document and also email it directly to the supplier.


You can add a new purchase:

Since we placed an order beforehand, we will see the pending orders in the Magic Desk or Daily Agenda. For example, we expect to receive 2 orders today:

animal store program pending supplier orders

When we receive the order, we can click the button in the Daily Agenda > Pending Orders option and also in the View > Orders option.

In our case, since we have already placed the order, some of the information is already filled in. We will add the purchase information (taxes, invoice number, paid/pending, etc.) and review the products. For example:

If you add the batch number and expiration date, the software will automatically alert you when a batch of products is about to expire.

When we are done, we click the button to record the purchase.


We can also add a purchase without having placed a prior order, in the Configuration > New Purchase option.

The process is the same: we fill in the purchase/invoice details, select the products, and add the purchase price, number of units, and if desired, the batch number and expiration date.


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