You can manually add products, customers, suppliers, ... in the options New > Product, New > customer, New > Supplier, ...

But if you already have, for example, in .xls (Excel) format, a list of breeding animals, and you want to load or add all those data into the software in bulk, you don't have to include them one by one, you can import them. (This option is not available in the demo).

It's very simple. For example, to import your customers' data or your customers' + their animals' data:

  • Click on the option New > product animal

  • You have a template with the appropriate format for the data. Make sure your data is in the correct format.

  • Copy the data from your Excel document

  • And paste the data into Gespet.

  • Click on Import

importing clients into animal software

The data is automatically added in the software. You can also add your customers, breeders, brands and much more.

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