Complete helpguide

Here we explain, "in a few words" how the software works:

The software allows you to manage Hotels/Hostels of all types of animals and the operation is:

1. Booking:

  • You can make stays (or check-in) WITHOUT BOOKING

  • And you can also make stays or check-in WITH A PREVIOUS BOOKING

2. When the stay will begin (the animal arrives at the hotel) ➝ a new check-in is made (o check-in)

3. The check-in is "open" for the duration of the animal's stay (the animal is in the hotel

4. At the end of the stay (when the animal leaves) ➝ we make the check-out and the check-in closes automatically.

5. When you make the exit, the system automatically creates a Sale (the invoice corresponding to that stay.) The Invoice can have the taxes included or not, as you prefer.

pet hotel software operating scheme

In the software, the invoice is generated at the end of the stay at the hotel. This is so, because during the stay, you may need to add some concept: medications, veterinary emergency, the customer comes later to pick up the animal, ...

If the customer pays an amount when making the check-in, you can write it down in the check-in, in the Advances option.

(And if you want, you can give the customer a copy of this document, with the details of the stay and the amount he has paid).

Then, when checking-out, it will show the amount pending payment. This amount can be $0 (if the full amount had already been paid), or it can be an amount, for example, of the total of $150, $30 remains to be paid.

Now you can generate the invoice.

To insert a new customer in the app, the correct order is:

Customer and animal are always associated. Every animal must have an associated owner (customer) and every owner (customer) must have an associated animal to make a booking, check-in, etc.

  1. Verify that the client is not in the application

  2. Inserting the new customer

  3. Insert your animals

  4. And then, you can make the bookink, check-in, etc.

In the top menu you can access all the options. On the main options are drop down with additional options.


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