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Mixed payment: combining multiple payment methods

July 11, 2024

Now you can select Mixed Payment for customers who wish to use multiple payment methods. For a seamless checkout experience!.

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Make online bookings for your business using an elegant QR code.

February 15, 2024

We've added new ways for your customers to request reservations online. Now you can also share a stylish, personalized QR code. They will love it!

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Why Gespet software is better than its competitors

What sets Gespet apart from its competitors?

September, 05, 2023

We asked the famous artificial intelligence ChatGPT, What sets Gespet apart from its competitors.
Curious to uncover their intriguing reply?

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Latest updates we've included in the software

These are the latest updates included in the software

August, 15, 2023

These are the latest updates and user requests we've included in the software.


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cancel reservations pet business

You can cancel appointments and notify the customer

July, 05, 2023

If a customer cancels or does not show up for an appointment, you can cancel it and send them a notification directly. Additionally, you can access the record of all cancellations for each customer.

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the best planning for pet business

We included new amazing features in the Planning

June, 10, 2023

Our famous planning is now even better. You can customize it by employees' colors, view previous notes, and much more. If you try it, you won't be able to live without it anymore.

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animal summary sheet and customer summary sheet document

Print the summary sheet document from the main screens

May, 25, 2023

Now quickly access the customer and animal summary sheet document from different screens. You can print them and send them by email when making a booking, service, ...

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documents and contracts for pet business

Documents and contracts for pet businesses

May, 01, 2023

Configure documents and contracts with the design and format that you like best and with automatic replacement of customer data, animals, etc. You can print them and send them by email.

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pet icon puppy icon animal icon pet software

Now the software includes cute icons

January 19, 2023

You can use a photo of your customers, animals, categories, products... or choose an icon. There are many available, so you can choose the ones you prefer.

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send animal information and print animal information

Print and send by email the sheets

August 06, 2022

Now you can Print and send by email all the sheets. Print and send by email the Customer, Animal, Veterinary, Supplier, Breeder, Employee and Product sheets.

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Schedule automatic reminders for your Pet Nursery bookings

July 05, 2022

When you add a new booking, you can schedule all the reminders you want and the software will automatically send them the specified day.

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The new Software for pet nursery and pet day-care

November, 23, 2020

The software you need: booking, agenda, customers, animals, auto-reminder for bookings, nursery or day-care services, invoices and more.

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New features included in the Pet Nursery software

July, 30, 2019

We include new features and user requests in the Pet Nursery software. We assist you with communications and send the invoice by email.

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